Picture of Vernon

The Proprietor of Q Audio-Visual is Vernon Quaintance.

After initial training as a professional electrical engineer, I joined the British Post Office as a telecommunications design and development engineer working on a variety of equipment from small business exchanges to national long distance signalling.

During this time I became part of a team pioneering the use of integrated circuits and microprocessors in the control of telephony equipment. This gave me an introduction to, and an interest in, computers from which I have never looked back.

When the telecommunications interests of the Post Office were transferred to BT, I was working in the support of a compact computer controlled telephone system for small businesses. This involved producing most of the techical and operational documentation, programming special facilities into the systems, troubleshooting, and providing advice to field engineers.

For several years before eventually leaving BT in 1996, I was responsible for the safety aspects of all types of data processing equipment. Subsequently I became a member of the team supporting Unix based computer systems throughout the business, as well as the Systems Manager for the office automation equipment serving my division.

I first bought my own computer (a 16k Apple II+) in 1980 when home computers were rare and required programming by their users. This led to my joining the Croydon Computer Club as a founder member; subsequently becoming its Chairman.

My experience of personal computers includes the Sinclair Spectrum; Jupiter Ace; BBC Micro; Rair Black Box (a CP/M based machine); Commodore Amiga; Apple II+; Windows based PCs and Apple Macintosh. It is the Apple Mac which now forms the core of my personal computing system and the primary focus for the consultancy work of Q Audio-Visual.

Whilst Chairman of the Croydon Computer Club I became a committee member of the British Association of Computer Clubs. When the BACC was given pages on the Prestel Viewdata service, to publicise its member clubs and personal computing in general, I was appointed as Editor-in-Chief of its area, known as ClubSpot. Experience there has led to my interest in the use of the Internet, including the design and organisation of small web sites.

My experiences of helping others with their computing, both as a Club committee member and in the course of my job as a Systems Manager, coupled with my analytical skills as a professional engineer naturally led to starting Q Audio-Visual as an independent Consultancy specialising in supporting Apple Macintosh systems.

My training as a systems manager ensures that client confidentiality is always a priority.
As the sole proprietor of Q Audio-Visual you are assured of my personal service at all times. Your complete satisfaction is important to me.