Terms and Conditions of Service

  1   All work is carried out on these standard terms and conditions unless specifically agreed in advance with the customer for each job.

  2   Jobs may be refused without having to give any reason for such refusal.

  3   The Customer shall ensure that a safe working environment is provided when work is to be carried out on their premises. The requirements of the Display Screens Regulations shall be met by all business customers.

  4   Travelling time and statutory meal relief are included in chargeable time.

  5   Unless otherwise specially agreed: All on-site work performed after 18:00, and all work in excess of 8 hours in any one day, will be at overtime rate of time and a half. Work on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays will be at double time rate.

  6   Travelling costs over £5 may be charged for in addition to time charges during travelling.

  7   Disbursements, special materials, use of outside agencies, and other costs directly attributable to the job will be charged to the customer at cost.

  8   We may amend our tariffs at any time at our discretion and without notice. However, no change will be applied to any job in progress during the current invoicing period (unless required by law).

  9   Invoices will normally be prepared when the job is complete. Where a job exceeds 1 month in duration, progress payments for work done to date will be invoiced at the end of each calendar month.

10   Small jobs and any chargeable telephone support (not related to a specific current job) may be accumulated and invoiced monthly to established customers at our discretion.

11   All invoices are due for settlement in full within 14 days of issue unless a longer period has been previously agreed in writing.

12   Where an invoice remains unpaid 30 days after the settlement period as determined above, and indicated on the invoice, then the provisions of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 shall apply. The relevant rate of interest shall be the maximum allowed by law (ie. Base Rate + 8%). The effective date for the start of interest charges shall be 14 days after the date of invoice, even if a longer settlement period has been agreed.

13   Without prejudice to our rights under the foregoing condition, when an invoice remains unpaid 60 days after issue, we reserve the right to suspend all future service until payment of all outstanding sums is received in full.

14   All contracts are deemed to have been made in England, be subject to the laws of England, and be determinable in an English court.

15   These Terms and Conditions are effective from 1st January 2016 until changed by us.

16   These Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time without notice, provided only that the terms (excluding Tariffs, for which see clause 8) applicable at the commencement of a specific job shall apply throughout unless the change is necessary to comply with legislation.